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   Ekaterina Belinskaya was born in Moscow, Russia. Drawn to the Sciences as a young girl, she eventually received a diploma In Engineering/Ecology. It was during the time of her studies, however, that she unexpectedly discovered her creative side. Ekaterina specializes in portraits & fashion and has worked alongside prominent Designers, Stylists, Make-up artists and Modeling agencies. Each of Ekaterina's photographs is a fairy tale: dark, beautiful and mysterious.

       Her works have been included in the list of "Best Photos of Russia" four years running and she was awarded Russia's "Best Photographer" award in 2012.

      Ekaterina photographs have been featured in Paper Magazine, L'Official, Elle, Rogue, L’Beaute, Basic, Forbes, and most recently a cover story for Virtuogenix. Her photographs also helped launch Super Stylist's B. Akerlund's line of accessories for IKEA called OMEDELBAR. Commercially her photographs have been featured for Eyeglass Designer “Anna-Karin Karlsson’, LUMIX Camera, Cover Art for Recording Artist “Sofi Tukker” and more. Her recent shoots for Rogue include a story featuring “Booksmart” star Kaitlyn Dever, “American Horror Story” actress Taissa Farmiga, “Black Mirror” actress Andrea Riseborough and “Busy Tonight”’s Busy Philips.

      Ekaterina's first personal Exhibition in Los Angeles ("The Edge of Fashion") opened at the Duncan Miller Gallery in Santa Monica on March 22, 2018 and ran through to April 28th. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.


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